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ERICKSON: There Is More To Life Than Politics

by I'm Struggling
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It started last Friday. I finally talked myself into going back to CrossFit a month ago. But on Friday, I couldn’t finish a very easy workout. I couldn’t catch my breath. A hurricane rolled through two weeks ago, and the remnant of the storm that went through Mexico passed through on Thursday and Friday last week. My lungs sometimes get weird after low-pressure systems move through. It is a side effect of the blood clots in my lungs, some of which are still there. Read more: Please follow and like us:

How You Can Increase Sales by 30% on Black Friday

by I'm Struggling
Black Friday is coming up fast. Are you ready for it? This article will get you where you need to be. I’ll be giving you the strategies we’ve used with clients to drive 30% increases in Black Friday sales. This is some “behind-the-curtain” stuff which may or may not get me fired. Let’s get rolling nonetheless, and if the article cuts off somewhere in the next 1200 words, you’ll know I’ve been sacked. Drive traffic with social media and advertising The first thing is to get your brand out there and get it seen by prospective customers. The easiest way […]