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Selena Gomez Is Out Of Rehab & ‘In A Better Headspace’!

by I'm Struggling
Selena Gomez is feeling recharged! According to an E! News source, the Bad Liar songstress is “out of her treatment program in NYC and is doing much better” than she was when she entered the facility at the beginning of October. As we reported, Selly was hospitalized multiple times in the weeks leading up to her rehab check-in over issues connected with her Lupus and kidney transplant last year. Related: Selena’s Alleged Drinking & Partying To Blame?? Weeks after she suffered an apparent “emotional breakdown” in the hospital, the Disney star is now “refreshed and is in a better head […]

Selena Gomez Facing Battle Against Depression ‘For The Rest Of Her Life,’ Per Source

by I'm Struggling
Selena Gomez may be in for the fight of her life from here on. Fans and followers are now reeling after news of the singer’s mental and physical breakdown this week, but sources close to the singer are quick to note that while things may not yet be under control, Selena’s team is at least confident about her fighting the good fight. Related: Selena’s Alleged Drinking & Partying To Blame?? Speaking to People, a source revealed some of the many root causes of the 26-year-old’s breakdown (below): “It’s been a combination of things affecting her emotional health. She has certain triggers […]

Justin Bieber ‘Is Not Over Selena’ Despite Being Married To Hailey Baldwin!

by I'm Struggling
Justin Bieber has been taking this Selena Gomez breakdown news harder than anyone. We know he still cares for his ex, but the kind of depression he’s falling into seems like more than just concern for a good friend. On Monday a source told People it’s exactly what it sounds like: “He is not over Selena.” And there it is. What many fans have suspected for months, despite his somewhat rushed marriage to Hailey Baldwin. Related: Why Justin Won’t Wear A Wedding Ring Yet The source continued: “This was his first great love and while he was young and traveling around the world […]