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9 Companies Using Live Website Chat in a Creative Way

by I'm Struggling
Live chat technology has been around for a while. And while customers increasingly demand immediate attention, businesses have been relatively slow to adopt a live chat strategy — particularly in the SMB space, where deals are still built on relationships. Live chat is often solely thought of as a customer support tool and tends to be overlooked from a sales and conversion perspective. Why Website Engagement Matters Approximately 82% of customers consider an immediate response as “important” or “very important” when they have a marketing or sales question. A full 90% say that an immediate response is just as important […]

Chatbots vs. Live Chat: The Questions You Should Ask

by I'm Struggling
There’s a reason why people say “the first impression is the last impression.” Some 51% of customers never approach a business again after one bad experience. That puts pressure on every interaction—and every missed opportunity—with potential customers, recent purchasers, and long-time users. Web chat is often the first impression for customer service interactions. While chat services initially connected consumers with real customer service staff, chatbots have become increasingly common—for obvious reasons and with obvious limitations. Ultimately, no platform guarantees an improved customer experience. Consumers care most about solving their problems. Whether they do it with a person or a chatbot […]

What 9/11 looked like to the only American service member not on earth

by I'm Struggling
NASA The question of “where were you on Sept. 11?,” the traditional addendum to the distinctly post-9/11 rallying cry of “never forget,” means something different to the service members and veterans who saw combat in the Global War on Terror than it does for the average civilians. Thousands of military personnel sprang into action on that Tuesday, from racing toward the World Trade Center and Pentagon alongside first responders to securing U.S. air sovereignty from the cockpit of an F-15. In the decade that followed, more than 3 million Americans joined the armed forces. The attacks were an unmistakable call of duty, one that Americans are […]

Trump has visited his golf courses on 25% of his 590 days in office

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President Donald Trump is being criticized for golfing during the late Sen. John McCain’s funeral on Saturday. Trump was reportedly asked not to attend the service. He spent the day at one of his golf courses in Sterling, Virginia, instead. Trump has spent 196 days at Trump properties and 153 days at golf properties, according to NBC. Trump once said that, as president, he was “not going to have time to go play golf,” but has spent more time doing so than his predecessors. While DC heavyweights, former presidents, and celebrities gathered for the late Sen. John McCain’s funeral on […]

Puerto Rico’s Electricity Sales Have Rebounded—Almost

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After plummeting from 13.8 million megawatt hours in 2017 to 0.3 million megawatt hours the month after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico’s electricity sales are now approaching historic levels. Energy Information Administration (EIA) data shows that industrial and commercial electricity sales are back to pre-Maria levels, while residential rates are still somewhat lagging.  On Friday, the island’s electric authority reported that 104 customers remain without service. The outages caused by Hurricanes Maria and Irma have now continued for over 10 months, constituting the longest blackout in U.S. history.    According to EIA, in October 2017 residential electricity sales dropped to 3 […]

Most Netflix subscribers with young kids have no idea Disney content will get pulled off the service

by I'm Struggling
Disney / Pixar When Disney launches its Netflix competitor in 2019, the Mouse House will pull its A-list movies and TV shows from Netflix. New research shows that most Netflix subscribers who have young children, who will likely be most affected by the change, have no idea Disney content will be removed. However, that doesn’t mean they will cancel their subscriptions, likely because Netflix has made a big push to produce its own Netflix originals for kids. For months, media insiders have chattered about Disney’s upcoming streaming service, particularly what effect it will have on Netflix. But new research shows […]