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Balancing Creative Support Between In-House and Agency Teams

by I'm Struggling
As marketers look to meet creative requests for new and evolving marketing channels, they’re faced with choosing between in-house or agency creative support teams. Here we break down the benefits of both and explore when each approach works best. The debate between building an in-house team or using agencies for marketing, and specifically creative support, continues. Businesses face tighter budgets and greater expectations to prove value from marketing. This in turn means marketing departments ramp up the pressure on their agencies and partners for support. In a 2018 survey from Gartner, more than 50% of marketers say they currently rely […]

12 Top Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

by I'm Struggling
Are you dealing with a drop in Facebook engagement and need more visibility for your small business? If you’re tired of sitting in the shadow of competitors, try these Facebook marketing tips to help you crush the competition. Small business marketing is a cutthroat arena, especially for small brands competing on a local level. It gets harder when those businesses go omnichannel and have to compete with larger incumbent brands in the digital space. Without a big budget it can seem impossible to compete, but you don’t need a massive Facebook marketing budget to make waves. As of the second […]

Social Media Content Planning – How to Find Content

by I'm Struggling
When scheduling your social media content calendar, filling the gaps and finding new content can take a lot of time. Improve your social media workflow and fill your schedule with quality content with these free tools. No matter what you sell, or who you sell it to, social media is integral to your marketing strategy. It eliminates the traditional barriers of outbound marketing and helps you communicate directly with your customers. But industry standards are high, and consumers expect quality content every day, multiple times a day. You might feel pressured to constantly create visually engaging content in order to […]