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B&B management basics: Facebook marketing explained

by I'm Struggling
Facebook is one of the most powerful social networking sites in the world, and it’s one of the best places to promote your B&B online. Here’s everything you need to know about marketing your B&B on Facebook. Creating a Facebook page is free, but paid advertising increases exposure It’s always been free to activate a Facebook account, regardless of whether you intend to use your Facebook profile for personal or professional reasons. The business pages on Facebook are still free to create, but most business owners find they can’t reach as many people as they would like simply through the […]

12 Top Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

by I'm Struggling
Are you dealing with a drop in Facebook engagement and need more visibility for your small business? If you’re tired of sitting in the shadow of competitors, try these Facebook marketing tips to help you crush the competition. Small business marketing is a cutthroat arena, especially for small brands competing on a local level. It gets harder when those businesses go omnichannel and have to compete with larger incumbent brands in the digital space. Without a big budget it can seem impossible to compete, but you don’t need a massive Facebook marketing budget to make waves. As of the second […]

‘WHAT THINE F*CKETH IS GOING ON’? You’ve NEVER heard a ‘dating’ story like this one

by I'm Struggling
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A lot of people have at least one awful date story. But this might be the awful date story to end all awful date stories: I am about to tell you an epic tale about subterfuge, dating in the 21st century and the fall of human civilization. This actually happened to me and it could happen to you too. Get some popcorn. *Thread* — миша (@bvdhai) August 19, 2018 Popcorn … and maybe a bottle or three of hard liquor: So a few weeks ago I was on the Tinder machine shopping my soul around and I match with a […]