It’s International Self-Care Day. Here’s how to treat yourself.

by I'm Struggling


It’s #InternationalSelfCareDay, an occasion for people to share their go-to self-care strategies, and to learn from each other about how to better cultivate wellness.

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International Self-Care Day was developed in 2011 by the International Self-Care Foundation as an occasion to take notice of your body and mind — whether through physical exercise, meditation, a nice, long bubble bath, or whatever works for you. In the past, celebrities and activists have opened up about the importance of practicing self-care for their mental health and general wellbeing. Even Beyoncé is no stranger to the concept. In 2011 she opened up about taking a year off of making music, saying, “My mother was very persistent and she kept saying that I had to take care of my mental health … Read more…

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