/Middle school removes sexist, misogynistic, woman-shaming quote after image goes viral

Middle school removes sexist, misogynistic, woman-shaming quote after image goes viral

Unlike Twitter, Twitchy doesn’t have a built-in filter that warns of potentially sensitive content, so we’d caution readers about scrolling down and seeing the horrible quote that was removed overnight from a Houston middle school wall after a photo went viral on Twitter.

Last warning …

Misogynistic quote at Houston middle school removed overnight, officials say https://t.co/tounK29aoi

— Dallas Morning News (@dallasnews) August 18, 2018

The Dallas Morning News reports:

A misogynistic quote pasted above the lockers at a Houston ISD middle school was removed overnight after a photo of the quote went viral Friday on Twitter.

Lisa Beckman originally tweeted the photo Friday afternoon, saying the quote was “perpetuating horrible gender stereotypes, shaming women and relinquishing boys of all responsibility.”

She said her friend took the photo at Gregory-Lincoln Middle School and sent it to her, which turned into a viral post with about 18,000 likes and 7,200 retweets as of Saturday afternoon.

This is the wall at Gregory-Lincoln Middle School in Houston ISD. It's perpetuating horrible gender stereotypes, shaming women, and relinquishing boys of all responsibility. It's sexist, mysogonistic, and discriminatory!

I'm horrified. @shannonrwatts #MeToo #HISD pic.twitter.com/UqjaDlI0ys

— lbeckman (@lbeckman) August 17, 2018

Good thinking tagging in Shannon Watts of Moms Demand.

Higher res version. Definitely not photoshopped. 💯 real. 💯 disgusting. pic.twitter.com/1hCFThNLUe

— lbeckman (@lbeckman) August 17, 2018

I hope this isn't real.

— Caron Craig (@CaronCraig) August 17, 2018

💯 real. Snapped today at teacher training.

— lbeckman (@lbeckman) August 17, 2018

OMFG!!!! Is this a public school? And if so, why hasn't some parent, or a group of students, raised holy living hell? This is disgusting! If my daughter went to this school & I saw this, she wouldn't be there for long.

— Yoni (@YoniMarten) August 18, 2018

This is bullshit! Gregory-Lincoln Middle, wtf??? (My creds: I effing taught middle school students in public school, grade 8 for 10 years, grade 6 for 20 years.) My advice: STOP enabling THE PATRIARCHY! Among like a hundred other things!

— nyclady (@zuchnik) August 18, 2018

This is absurd. Exactly why the #metoo movement started. Women should not be held responsible for the way a man chooses to react to her. I’ve gotten unwanted attention wearing baggy jeans and a huge hooded sweater. A man should be able to have self control no matter what.

— Tanya Littman (@LittmanTanya) August 18, 2018

Whoa. Thank goodness the school acted quickly before any kids saw it.

It’s gone pic.twitter.com/qIZBJQGwNE

— Diana Davila (@DDavilaHisd) August 18, 2018

Phew, that was close.

It's not misogynistic. https://t.co/uTGIlVHcnB

— Evil Red Kid (@_SOURKIDZ_) August 18, 2018

Didn’t you read the story? It’s right there in the first sentence: “A misogynistic quote pasted above the lockers ….”

I fail to see the misogyny.

I must not have been properly indoctrinated. https://t.co/3xGdXj6fUN

— Yanche (@seventrynews) August 18, 2018

Literally nothing wrong with this quote.

— Richard (@Mvice89) August 18, 2018

Misogyny = hatred of women. WTF is misogynistic about that quote?

— Rat Fink (@shmidtBC) August 18, 2018

Conversely, the more you act like a trashy ho, the more he'll treat you like a trashy ho. Heaven forfend teenagers learn this.

— Victor Tango Kilo (@GenghisKhet) August 18, 2018

What will they be learning?

Everyone, FOIA your public schools. Ask for any communications between school employees and “Moms Demand Action” and “Everytown For Gun Safety”. It’s time to get them OUT of the public education system pic.twitter.com/rRibXLMcQz

— William Bobalink (@WBobalink) August 18, 2018


Gender studies program director argues in Washington Post: Why can't we hate men? https://t.co/Nhwpht4mZl

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) June 10, 2018

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