/19 pictures that show how images of the Supreme Leaders are plastered absolutely everywhere in North Korea

19 pictures that show how images of the Supreme Leaders are plastered absolutely everywhere in North Korea

Portraits of late North Korean leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il are seen on the facade of a government building in Pyongyang, North Korea, September 11, 2018.Danish Siddiqui/REUTERS

It’s impossible to walk through Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, without seeing a portrait of one of the country’s Supreme Leaders.

According to REUTERS, these portraits are mandatory in public spaces — like train stations, schools, and hospitals — and millions of them line the city.

But no matter where they are located, the smiling faces of Kim Jong Un, the current Supreme Leader of North Korea, his father, Kim Jong Il, and North Korean founder Kim Il Sung are hung high above the ground — so that no citizen may walk “above” them. 

Here are 19 photos that show the ubiquity of Supreme Leaders in North Korea. 

This painting of North Korea’s late leaders — Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung — serves as a reminder of the Kim dynasty.
Danish Siddiqui/REUTERS
These portraits were seen hanging in a cosmetics factory during a government-organized trip for foreign reporters.
Danish Siddiqui/REUTERS

It’s an especially tense time for Americans to visit North Korea, according to The Guardian:

“I wouldn’t go if I were an American, but as a Brit I never felt I was at risk of being arrested and being used as a political pawn,” Scott MacPherson, a Scottish citizen who recently toured the country, said. “But you certainly shouldn’t go there with your eyes closed.”

A North Korean tour guide walks past this portrait inside a teachers’ training college.
Danish Siddiqui/REUTERS
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