/‘Decent people don’t get harassed,’ says tweeter calling for everyone to harass Mitch McConnell out of public life

‘Decent people don’t get harassed,’ says tweeter calling for everyone to harass Mitch McConnell out of public life

We have to, just this one time, give CNBC’s John Harwood some credit for not being transparently partisan; he actually called for the end of the harassment of elected officials in public after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was confronted in a restaurant.

people need to stop doing this crap. personally harassing elected officials is wrong. not how politics should be conducted. if you want change, work/vote for change https://t.co/2plkKpfdJY

— John Harwood (@JohnJHarwood) October 20, 2018

it’s also dangerous

— John Harwood (@JohnJHarwood) October 20, 2018

When their policies are literally kidnapping & caging children, needlessly causing sick people to die, and stealing the money we have saved for retirement and giving it to corporations, we can’t just remain quiet. THEY WORK FOR US.

🔪Stab Miss Em, Incivilian (@fabmissem) October 20, 2018

harass mitch mcconnell until he changes or he's afraid to show his face in public https://t.co/WrrBTN57dx

🍁 Kim, but it’s fall 🍁 (@lgbtqfc) October 20, 2018

Kim, whose blue checkmark leads us to believe she’s employed by SB Nation, is all for harassing McConnell until he’s afraid to show his face in public.

I don’t like Mitch either, but you are a childish and horrible person for advocating the harassment of a public figure. No decent person will ever want to run for office if they know people will behave like you for simply disagreeing on public policy

— Travis (@burnsequine) October 20, 2018

Mitch McConnell isn't a decent person. The decent people don't get harassed. https://t.co/Iyk8S0Ek6J

🍁 Kim, but it’s fall 🍁 (@lgbtqfc) October 20, 2018

Well, that’s reassuring.

"The decent people don't get harassed."

A more perfect statement of victim-blaming could hardly be articulated. Congratulations.

— "John T. Martin" (@New_Stripe) October 20, 2018

Why do you get to decide who is a decent person? https://t.co/aCq7XMycXx

🐰The F🎃🎃 (@PolitiBunny) October 20, 2018

Hey everybody! The LGBTQFC chick doesn’t catch the irony of her speech, here. https://t.co/RDZbGx5jHN

— Chris Stigall (@ChrisStigall) October 20, 2018

Harassing an elderly polio survivor and his Asian wife is totally brave you guys https://t.co/pKsncmb3Vo

— Bad tits (@bad_tits) October 20, 2018

McConnell and his wife Elaine Chao have already been accosted by a mini-mob upon leaving an event in Georgetown, and McConnell was harassed in an airport, so this isn’t new territory.

Decent people don't harass other people.

— The Disgruntled Vet (@ExtraRegularJoe) October 20, 2018

No, decent people don't go around harassing others.

— Eryx West (@JTLovecraft) October 20, 2018

Thugs harass people they don't know. Brownshirts harass people who disagree with their politics.

BTW, what size jackboot do you wear?

— Darleen Click (@darleenclick) October 20, 2018

Yeah that's pretty awful of ya there.

Pretty awful.

— E.B. Garrett (@EBGarrett1975) October 20, 2018

Actually decent people don't harass others simply because they disagree with their politics. Decent people find a way to convince others they have a better message. This kind of activity shows that these people have nothing to offer in the way of a good message, so they act out.

— The Original E (@The_Original_E_) October 20, 2018

I certainly hope somebody who also is intolerant and believes you are not decent accosts you while you are trying to refill your Fanta at the Bojangles

— Sgt. Weigart’s Luck (@ODhonnabhain) October 20, 2018

You're not a decent person, therefore you can be harrassed.

— Captain Cargo Pumpkin (@RedneckEducated) October 20, 2018

Actually, the decent people don't DO the harassing. If we need to break it down that far. The left isn't being harassed because the other side are decent people. The right is being targeted by the indecent.

So, really they are only protected by the decency of conservatives

— Joe Pallone (@Plonerock) October 20, 2018


‘We will keep screaming’: HuffPost gives signal boost to protester who harassed Mitch McConnell https://t.co/n6zPeMDS9R

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) October 10, 2018

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