/10 creative animal Halloween costumes that no one else will be wearing this year

10 creative animal Halloween costumes that no one else will be wearing this year

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The cat costume is a Halloween classic. But it’s also overdone. I’m not judging, that was literally what I did last year. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Aside from convenience, there are plenty of adorable animals in the animal kingdom that you can channel this Halloween. From a magical unicorn to an adorable giraffe, there are so many animal costumes you could try out this October 31.

Pastel unicorns are all the rage.

Mythical and magical, what’s not to love about dressing up as a unicorn? Essentially a onesie with a fancy hood, this costume is a great option for those who live in a cooler climate.

Squirrels are underrated.
Halloween Costumes

You can embrace Marvel’s superhero Squirrel Girl and replicate her unique look. To be fair, this costume actually looks pretty chic.

Skip the vampire look this year and just be a bat.
Party City

Vampires? Skip this Halloween cliché and attend your costume party as a transformed vampire in bat form. It’s unique, clever, and no one will be expecting it. Plus, you can make this costume look chic or absolutely terrifying with a healthy amount of fake blood.

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