/13 foods you should be refrigerating but aren’t

13 foods you should be refrigerating but aren’t

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No one likes to throw out food that’s gone bad before its time. If your groceries aren’t lasting as long as you’d like, it might be worth checking if they should actually be refrigerated.

Here are a few surprising foods that can stay fresher for longer when you store them in the fridge. 

Keep your natural nut butter in the fridge to prevent spoilage.

Organic, natural nut butters are typically filled with healthy unsaturated oils. Sadly, those oils oxidize quickly at room temperature and make nut butters prone to going rancid.

Once nut butter has become rancid, it will smell and taste decidedly unpalatable. Keep your nut butter in the refrigerator to prevent it from quickly spoiling.

Cured meat doesn’t actually have an unlimited shelf life.
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The whole point of smoking or curing meat is to preserve it without refrigeration, so why should you stick your bag of jerky in the fridge?

As it turns out, modern smoked meats aren’t actually made to last for that long outside the fridge. Commercially cured meat you might pick up at the grocery store is actually only meant to be kept at room temperature until its package is opened.

After that, it can spoil just like any other meat. Dried smoked meat will generally last longer than wet-cured meat like sausage or fish.

Don’t let your whole-grain flours go bad in the pantry.
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Due to the way that whole-grain flour is processed, it is high in natural oils and nutrients. These oils can attract insects and also cause the flour to go rancid relatively quickly. Although all-purpose flour will keep for about two years, whole grain flour stays fresh for just a few months.

According to Kitchn, keeping your whole-grain flours in the fridge or freezer, preferably in an airtight container like a mason jar or plastic bag, will greatly extend the flour’s shelf-life and preserve the flavor of your flours.

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