It’s been 33 years since rebels allegedly backed by Pablo Escobar stormed Colombia’s Palace of Justice

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Colombia Palace siege armyAP Photo

In late 1985, left-wing rebels stormed Colombia’s Supreme Court building in Bogota, taking hundreds of people hostage.
Colombian forces stormed the building and freed the hostages, but scores were killed, including many justices.
The Colombian government has been accused of abuses during the siege, and leaders have apologized.

On Wednesday, November 6, 1985, the guerrilla group M19, or the April 19 movement, stormed Colombia’s Palace of Justice and held all 25 of the country’s Supreme Court justices and hundreds of civilians hostage.

The M19 rebels had been frustrated by the government’s violation of a ceasefire, and they were allegedly there with the backing of the country’s most powerful drug lord, Pablo Escobar.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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