//36 of the best outfits on ‘Gossip Girl’

36 of the best outfits on ‘Gossip Girl’

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It is no secret that “Gossip Girl” is one of the most iconic TV shows of all time. 

The show follows a group of high school students (turned college students) who live in Manhattan’s prestigious Upper East Side, so it’s no surprise that these characters have an abundance of beautiful designer clothes.

Here are 36 of the best looks from the show. 

Serena’s Grand Central outfit — Season one, episode one.
The CW

The series kicks off with Gossip Girl spotting Serena at Grand Central Station, returning from her boarding school adventures in Connecticut.

This combination of a striped shirt, necktie, and tan leather jacket is a classic one, and set the tone for the preppy yet edgy outfits that the characters would wear throughout the show.

Blair’s white brunch dress — season one, episode two.
The CW

Is there anything better than an episode of Gossip Girl where they have brunch? Blair’s white eyelet dress makes her seem innocent but contrasted with her black, lace tights gives the audience an idea that there’s a side of Blair that we haven’t seen yet.

Serena and Blair’s matching backless dresses — season one, episode four.
The CW

One of the best scenes of season one had to be the iconic matching photo shoot that Serena and Blair do in their Eleanor Waldorf (really ghost designer Abigail Lorick) dresses in front of the Plaza hotel.

The long-sleeve dresses in red and blue each have a low back and are accented with a slim belt.

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