/The Latest PPC Updates to Catapult Campaigns in 2019

The Latest PPC Updates to Catapult Campaigns in 2019

We’re all very well acquainted with the PPC industry charging ahead like a bullet train, and we’re all just trying to hang on tight to the caboose. With all of the updates that have happened over the last few months – and the inevitable changes soon to come – in AdWords (ahem, Google Ads), Facebook, YouTube, automation, etc etc etc…we just need to hop on a webinar and sort it all out with you.

In this webinar, Hanapin’s Kelly Pollock and Optmyzr’s Fred Vallaeys will point out which updates have made (and will make) a major impact on digital marketers, and what we should be preparing ourselves for as we fly into 2019.

You’ll learn:

How to sort out the plethora of text ad formats
Focusing on audiences after the Facebook data breach
Why you should be paying attention to the rise of video and animated ads
Utilizing updates in Amazon, Google Ads, Shopping, Paid Social, Bing and more!





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