Meet the 22-year Oracle veteran executive who’s going to lead Google in the cloud wars against Amazon and Microsoft (ORCL)

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On Friday, Diane Greene announced she would be stepping down as Google Cloud’s chief exec

Greene’s replacement will be the 22-year Oracle veteran Thomas Kurian, who before resigning in September, was president of product development with the company, and a key player in its cloud efforts. When he steps into the role in January, he’ll be leading Google Cloud as it continues its quest to topple Amazon and Microsoft in the cloud wars.

But who exactly is Google Cloud’s new CEO?

Here’s a closer look at Thomas Kurian’s life and career:

Thomas Kurian is 51. He was born in Kerala, India. His father was self-educated and became a successful executive in the manufacturing industry. His mother was born to Indian parents living in Sri Lanka. She immigrated to India to go to college, which was uncommon for women at the time.

Source: Business Insider

Kurian has an identical twin brother named George. The twin brothers have both become high-powered Silicon Valley execs: George is CEO of the $5.5 billion storage company, NetApp.
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Kurian came to the US in 1986 to study electrical engineering at Princeton University, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. He would later go on to earn his MBA from Stanford University.
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