/Questions regarding ads.

Questions regarding ads.

Hi. I would like to ask, is it generally profitable to put ad content in an app? How much do you guys generally earn while using Admob or other ad providers for your free apps?

My app is actually perfectly runnable offline, so I am concerned that users might turn off their online connection while using the app, thus cutting off my ad income. Would banners placed at the top of each activity page be non-intrusive enough that users wouldn't be enticed to go offline?

My third question is, I also plan to have a paid version of the app that allows users to have the ads removed, but I'm also thinking of still keeping the ads even in the paid version in return for having all the features of the app unlocked. Or maybe the full version would have the option to not display ads in the configuration, since I presume that if the banner ads are enticing enough users would actually be interested to click them. So which one is better – paid version with no ads, or paid version with optional ads?

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