The Thousand Oaks shooter reportedly used an illegal extended magazine in his hour-long fight with police

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thousand oaks bar shooting hugRingo Chiu/Reuters

Ian David Long shot 12 people inside a Thousand Oaks, California college bar before dying of his own wounds, and used an illegal extended magazine, police said.
Long fought with police for over an hour and fired dozens of shots, according to witness reports.
Long’s gun was one of the most popular handguns in the US today, and the extended magazine he used is widely available across the states, though not in California. 
While most gun control debate centers around long guns and rifles, the vast majority of gun violence happens with handguns.
Long’s violent spree on Wednesday night shows how much damage one person with a pistol can do. 

Ian David Long, the man police say shot 12 people inside a Thousand Oaks, California college bar before dying of his own wounds, used an illegal extended magazine that allowed his gun to hold more bullets as he waged a gunfight and standoff with police that lasted over an hour, police said.

Witnesses to the shooting reported hearing at least a dozen shots while fleeing the bar. A police spokesman said that authorities responded to a call of shots fired and showed up around three minutes later and still heard shots going off.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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