/2000 AD – August 1980.

2000 AD – August 1980.

As the chill gloom of autumn descends upon the nation, it’s time for me to seek refuge in the hot and hazy days of August.But not this August. The August that happened in 1980.Tragically for this blog, nothing interesting seems to have happened in the world in that month of that year but I do know that ABBA, David Bowie and the Jam dominated the Number One slot on the British singles chart, with The Winner Takes it All, Ashes to Ashes and Start, while Back in Black by AC/DC and then Flesh and Blood by Roxy Music hogged the top spot on the album chart.Such absence of riveting world events means I shall plunge straight into my look at what the galaxy’s greatest comic was up to at that time.And the truth  is I know very little of what was happening in the galaxy’s greatest comic at that time. I do know Judge Dredd’s Judge Child saga’s still ongoing, Wolfie Smith is still in the comic and still stirring no memories for me whatsoever, while, obviously, the Stainless Steel Rat’s still saving the world. From what he’s saving it, I haven’t a clue. It is surprising to see that Tornado is still sharing the masthead with 2000 AD, a full year after the two comics merged.I do recall Brian Bolland’s Judge Dredd cover to Prog 173 but have no recollection of the advertised Galactic Olympics from Progs 174 and 175. I’m assuming it involves people, with mechanical legs, leaping five miles into the air – and people throwing objects twenty miles, thanks to the reduced gravity of an alien world – but this is mere speculation on my part.2000 AD Prog 171, Stainless Steel Rat2000 AD Prog 172, Judge Dredd2000 AD Prog 173, Judge Dredd2000 AD Prog 1742000 AD Prog 175

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