//Kiawah Resident Records What Appears to be UFO in the Night Sky – News2

Kiawah Resident Records What Appears to be UFO in the Night Sky – News2

On Christmas Eve a Kiawah Island, South Carolina resident took five minutes of video of a reddish-orange object that seemed intelligently controlled and made stops along its path. No, it wasn’t Santa Claus and his reindeer, although the witness joked about that. The event became a holiday gift taking people’s minds temporarily off of government shutdowns and such. Charleston’s NBC News2 reporter Tim Renaud updated that over the next week emails flowed in from places as far away as Illinois and California claiming similar sightings at dissimilar times. The Charlotte Observer’s Mark Price follows with Growing Numbers of People Report Seeing Flying Red Sphere off SC Coast. Is it a UFO? Price mentions additional local witnesses, possible explanations, and historical context which he relays from The Charleston Post & Courier for “a phenomenon that turns up in the sky here every so often.” Brett Tingley weighs in on the matter with Multiple Witnesses Report Strange Glowing Orb Above South Carolina Coast. Brett adds the military possibility to the explanatory panoply which he notes the internet is generating. Some of this can be found on reddit at UFO over Kiawah Island, SC. (WM)

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