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PSA Hurricane Florence

by I'm Struggling
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This is an emergency warning for all those in the path of Hurricane Florence. It has been determined that been getting worse and will hit the East Coast at full strength. If you have been given an evacuation order, Get the hell out of there! It doesn’t matter how, find a way. You cannot hold out through the storm. Chances are slim to none that you will survive this. Please spread this with as many people as you can. If you are in the red zone, you need to leave by any means necessary! Read more: Please follow and […]

Here are the chances of getting bitten by a shark while you’re swimming at the beach

by I'm Struggling
Pterantula/Wikimedia Commons The likelihood of being attacked and killed by a shark are 1 in 3.75 million — less than the chances of dying by lightning strike or excessive cold. In the wake of two shark attacks on New York’s Fire Island on Wednesday, INSIDER has examined the data behind shark attacks in the US and around the world. Shark attacks are one of the most notoriously feared dangers to beach-going humans — but how likely is it that you’d actually get bitten? Despite the mass fear surrounding the deadly animals, the chances of being attacked and killed by a […]