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Send your hybrid marketers to MarTech to stay on the cutting edge

by I'm Struggling
Successful marketing teams are diverse. They include storytellers, schedulers, sellers and technologists. Getting them on the same page can be a challenge for even the most experienced manager. That’s why you should bring your team to MarTech®. Join us in Boston October 1-3 to discover, learn and… Please visit Marketing Land for the full article. Read more: Please follow and like us:

30 companies that don’t want people to come into the office

by I'm Struggling
Roma Black/Shutterstock Work-from-home is becoming a popular job perk.  These companies have the most remote work jobs, according to a FlexJobs study. UnitedHealth, SAP, and Anthem have the most remote work positions available.    Work-from-home is becoming increasingly normal — and some Americans are even able to work remotely for the entirety of the work week. Around 31% of Americans told Gallup in 2016 that they worked from home most or all of the time, up from 24% in 2012.  But finding those jobs can be tricky.  Thankfully, FlexJobs found 30 companies with the most work-from-home job openings in the first […]

BlackRock, the $6 trillion money manager, had a crime-fighting robot patrolling its New York headquarters — and it marks the firm’s latest foray into automation

by I'm Struggling
Rob Kim/Getty Images  BlackRock, the $6 trillion asset manager which is relying more on robots to make investment decisions, recently hired a physical robot to meander around its New York City headquarters. The robot, dubbed BLK Bot, left New York earlier this month and will be moved to the firm’s San Francisco offices soon.   The robot sent an affectionate email to employees when it departed the Big Apple.  Count this as another sign that automation is sweeping BlackRock, the largest money manager in the world. BlackRockFor six months, a robot was meandering the New York City headquarters of the $6 […]